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"I have been to many music classes over the years with both kids I've nannied for and now my own, and I have never seen a more genuine and natural teacher than Lauren. She teaches a class of such diverse children with ease like I've never seen before. My son has always been shy in other classes but now will sing and dance like nobody's business. We absolutely love this class, to say the least. As a bonus, it shows up as a "workout" on my Fitbit! Can't lose here!"

Current parent

My two-year-old daughter and I have tried several different music classes in the area, and we recommend Ms. Lauren's as the best of the bunch. Ms. Lauren is a very giving, creative, and dedicated teacher. She has a passion for teaching music, which shows in her enthusiasm for the material and the way she makes each class different from the previous, using a variety of instruments and activities to keep it interesting and fun. She comes to class prepared with a plan, but leaves lots of room for improvisation based on student input. Her style ensures that, regardless of age or experience, the kids feel they each make a unique contribution to the group. Music Together® is a great program because each session we learn a new batch of classic and original songs, with care taken to offer many different types and styles of songs. We get a CD and song book so that the songs become a part of life outside of class. That means that my daughter thinks of them as her songs, and she perks up when she hears her favorites in class. Ms. Lauren's class has been a wonderful way to spend quality time with my daughter, build her confidence socially, and give me tools to support my whole family in learning about music.

Current Parent

"My 18 month old loves this class!!"

Parent of prior students

"We could not be happier with the experience at Music Together You and Yours. Ms. Lauren is fabulous and our three-year old daughter cannot stop talking about her or singing the songs in the days between her weekly classes. Given how shy my daughter can be, that speaks volumes to how warm and inviting a classroom Ms. Lauren creates. In addition to developing a love of music, our daughter has expanded her vocabulary and even recognizes what music notes look like! We are excited to sign up our baby boy next. Also, as an added bonus, the space is welcoming and bright."

Current Parent

"Lauren is a wonderful person as well as an amazing musical talent!

She understands young children and teaches them with patience and charm."

Parent of 2 prior students

"Lauren's love of music, maternal instincts, musical talent and nurturing personality, makes her the ideal Songstress for our children!

She is immensely qualified to teach, engage and plant the seed of life-long learning in your special little one!"


"As a working mom it was fun to spend the little time I get with my child in your class. As a mom in general it was really unique and wonderful to have a place that felt free of judgement (of tantrums etc) and supportive of his age."

Current parent